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We are always looking for new authors to share their ideas and challenge our readers. We aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on acne topics that affect many people all over the world.

We’ll be honest: writing for Acne Treatment Product takes work. We strive to provide the best quality of articles and will push you to get the quality we need. Not only is our process rewarding, but we will also expose your content to our list of readers that also include publishers, clients and more.

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Writers can submit a rough draft or pitch to summarise the content and why it matters to our readers. Keep in mind that we only accept content that is original and not published elsewhere.

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  • Thesis and clear argument, rather not a list of tips
  • Has a bold, human, and compelling voice
  • Written for an audience of dermatologists and people who suffer from acne
  • Sources that support the argument, rather than facts. Please source, and fact checks where appropriate.

All submissions must be well-considered and explore the current trends and treatments of acne. If the article is accepted, we will schedule you for publication upon approved revisions.