Looking for more sources on acne treatment and support? Check out our list of helpful resources.

Acne.org – is a reliable source of acne information that will help you make decisions about how acne is formed, the common myths, and how acne might affect your skin.

American Academy of Dermatology – is a full coverage dermatology site that provides useful tools, latest news on dermatology treatment, and advice on how to properly treat acne.

Acne.com – For more tips from the pros, find out why skin is dry and how to solve it, how to choose the right regiment for whiteheads and blackheads, as well as the ultimate acne prevention guide.

American Acne & Rosacea Society (AARS) – If you’re looking for information on medical information on acne, the American Acne & rosacea Society is a non-profit society of pediatricians and dermatologists. The site is dedicated to bringing healthcare professionals and research funds to the cause.

The Clear Skin Project – The Clear Skin Project is a supportive community for children, teens and adults who suffer from acne. Here you will find real discussions regarding the treatment and challenges of acne.

All About Acne – If you’re looking for expert help, All About Acne is a team of authors who are part of the health and medical expert community in Australia. They include a list of top-leading dermatologists, a cosmetic medical practitioner and a General practitioner.

Check out the following sites for more information on acne.